During the last decade, Information Technology (IT) has been undergone a dramatic advancement. Today, IT plays major role within the business and management of modern organization. This has brought increasing trends in demand of IT professional capable in assessing, building, and deploying IT infrastructures.

Postgraduate Program in Information Technology (MTI), under the administration of Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia, established in the year 1996 has a mission to fulfill the supply-demand gap between the industrial need and the availability of IT professionals. As most of our instructor and present student came from different backgrounds in industry or scientific areas and are experienced in their respective field, during their course, students will get the benefit from the richness of disparity of real-world-knowledge.

Area of competence which this program aims are :
- The core knowledge and expertise in IT.
- IT integration in business functions.
- Analytical skill.
- Communication, interpersonal and teamwork skill within organization.

The MTI program is an 41 load of credit program. Usualy, can be completed in three or four semester. Upon completion, graduates will be awarded by the title " MTI" (Magister Teknologi Informasi/ Magister in Information Technology).